We are developing a number of projects to demonstrate our capabilities:


An interactive virtual Crime Drama, using a virtual set viewable only from CCTV cameras, in which partly scripted and partly AI-driven characters play out the story of a vicious assault. Acting as the CID detective in charge, can you piece together the story? How deep does it go?


In a open world virtual set of Dealey Plaza in Dallas, 1963, you can walk through the assassination of John F. Kennedy, interview AI characters of people involved, and test out the various conspiracy theories surrounding it.

Max Tokens

‘Max Headroom’ brought into the reality of AI and virtual characters. The 1985 Max was played by an actor with prosthetics. Now we can do it for real.

With a catalogue of jokes and AI generated dialogue, Max Tokens can be guided to generate an almost infinite series of naturalistic (but not too naturalistic!) – content.

The Storyteller

We want to bring under-represented cultures alive through interactive story-telling.

Using a graph database filled with stories captured from formal records and crowd-sourced personal memories, an AI-generated story teller will weave stories and history from their heritage, entertaining and informing a new generation.