At Metaphysical we are working at the interface between AI and Game Engines, aiming specifically at the media ecosystem, from development through production. In particular, we are creating new forms of content including interactive drama, documentary and light entertainment, targeted at generations who have almost entirely switched off from conventional linear, passively consumed content.


We are developing ‘generative agent’ technology, based on Large Language Models such as OpenAI’s GPT-4 and our own high-performance multi-agent model, to bring to life fictional and real-life characters for drama, documentary and entertainment formats. While many people working in the field are working with Python scripts and text files, we have built a user-friendly ‘Metaphysical Studio’ which allows directors to create characters, settings and scenarios through their browser like any other cloud service.

The scenarios created in Metaphysical Studio can then be run live with the Metaphysical Agent Engine, either just observing multi-character dialogue, or interacting as a character yourself. This allows testing characters and scenarios from anywhere, without the complexity of creating the game engine models.

Game Engines

We are working with Unreal Engine to animate character models (from Metahuman and others) according to the speech, movement and emotions generated by the AI agents, via text-to-speech models. These characters can then be placed into virtual sets or simulated real or fictional environments, and either ‘filmed’ to create linear content or interacted with by a viewer through a cloud streaming system.

Systems Architecture